Welcome to the Tennessee Valley Corridor Community College Consortium!

The Tennessee Valley Corridor (TVC) footprint covers ten Congressional Districts in North Alabama, Eastern Kentucky, Western North Carolina, East and Middle Tennessee, and Southwest Virginia and is the home to more than 30 excellent community colleges serving largely rural populations. The Corridor is also home to world class federal government organizations and private sector companies that have been active in—and support—the TVC mission. We have a tremendous opportunity to leverage unique STEM resources to ensure that our member institutions’ education and workforce development efforts are unsurpassed and to help our communities thrive.

While some of our member educational institutions are conveniently located near the TVC’s resources and have gained from partnerships with them, a primary objective is to make sure that the Consortium act as an effective conduit for those colleges and communities that haven’t yet benefitted from having access to them.

Membership in the TVC Community College Consortium is open to community colleges that serve counties in the following Congressional Districts: Alabama’s 4th District, Alabama’s 5th District, Kentucky’s 5th District, North Carolina’s 11th District, Tennessee’s 1st District, Tennessee’s 2nd District, Tennessee’s 3rd District, Tennessee’s 4th District, Tennessee’s 6th District, and Virginia’s 9th District.